We Care About Our Furniture and You Should Too

Custom quality furniture you can’t find anywhere else!

Step 1: At Reclaimed our beautiful furniture starts with board selection that we sort through every board and select the best ones for each table top.

Step 2: Joinery is crucial to our stability and we use a state of the art clamp system to ensure your table with never default.

Step 3: Each table is truly built by hand and we build each piece in full at our workshop with master craftsmen. (No cardboard box assembly here).

Step 4: We sand & sand & sand until we have the best surface before our tables move over to the final phase in finishing.

Step 5: Large commercial operations rely on big machines and automated systems to sand tables. We rely on our master craftsmen team of 5 to hand sand every table top & base.

Step 6: Stained and sealed by hand. At Reclaimed we only use eco-friendly finishes that don’t hurt the environment and that are safe for our employees to use. One is plant based and one is water based. We would love to show you in our showroom the quality and natural look we are able to accomplish with these 2 great finish options.

Step 7: After 10 quality inspections and phases our tables are carefully wrapped and delivered to your space by our own delivery team that cares.

We know our detailed process speaks for itself and our small team of 5 master craftsmen and women would love to build your next table for your space.