Lifetime Warranty (That's a pretty long time.)

We stand behind everything we build and sell. If at any time you have an issue with your furniture, whether it’s our fault, your fault, your kid’s fault, or your dog’s fault, we will fix it. And that promise will never expire. We believe this is, without question, the best warranty in the furniture industry.

If there's a problem, we'll fix it.

Upon delivery of our furniture, we ask our customers to inspect their pieces to ensure they are just right. If any problems are found at that point, we are happy to take the order back to our shop at the time of delivery and fix any issues.

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We can pick it up from you.

In the event a repair is needed, and if our customers have already signed off on their furniture, then we can pick up your furniture at a discounted rate. Residential customers within 45 miles of our shop will pay $149 each way ($298 total), which is half the cost of our standard delivery rate of $299 each way.
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Or you can bring it in to us.

If you prefer to pass on the delivery fee, you are welcome to bring your furniture in to us yourself and we will promptly perform whatever repair is needed at no cost whatsoever. We'll schedule the drop-off ahead of time so that we can be ready to unload the furniture and get it right into production without any delay.
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2-3 Weeks later, we'll have it as good as new.

Once your furniture is back in our shop, we'll make it our top priority. Where our normal production lead time is 18-24 weeks, we are able to handle virtually all repairs in 2-3 weeks. And it doesn't matter what is needed―a new top, a complete sand and refinish, or simply a new adjustable foot...we'll take care of it, for free, forever.

Please note that some of our tables we have made in the past are not covered under our warranty.

Are you in need of a repair?

If so, we would love to get started on making it right! We have a simple preliminary repair form that gives us all the details we need to fix it fast. Just click the link below to get started.

Please note that repairs do not include base changes, color changes, texture changes, size changes or issues with chairs. There is a fee for those services. (Updated 4-6-23)

Repair form
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Cracks & Splits in the extreme cold and hot months

Seasonal cracks and warping will happen in the extreme cold and warm months. Seasonal cracks will open and close throughout your furniture’s lifetime and is totally normal and ads to it's one of a kind look.