How Much Does a Custom Table Cost?


You would be very surprised at the actual cost of a custom table or piece of furniture your looking at having built. The average cost to have a custom piece of furniture made in the US ranges widely from $200-$10,000. With that being said, average cost for the following pieces of furniture are a typical range average based on 20 different retail big box stores and custom furniture shops in the USA.

Dining Table $1,500-$4,200 (average $2,600)

Coffee Table $300-$2200 (average $1,299)

Benches $199-$899 (average $699)

Desks $299-$2299 (average $1099)

Although here at Reclaimed we custom build many of the items we have researched we found these to be the averages after selecting 20 other locations.

Our items are made to order and come with a lifetime warranty which we can’t verify that for other builders and furniture retailers. Using solid wood construction with our custom furniture items we are able to offer this type of warranty on our builds.

Even if your looking at having Reclaimed or another company build an item for you we would love to answer any questions you may have. We love what we do and love helping others even if there are no gains on our end.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.